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Septic Tank Starter

Intended for new septic systems, or ones that have been extensively cleaned and re-started

New, Improved Product: Bloo for the Loo


4 x 25grm soluble pouches of microorganisms. Sets up the microbes in systems up to 15,000lt  septic tank capacity. For larger tanks: Please ask our advice:


Whilst the tank is filling, flush the 4 x soluble pouches down a toilet bowl [any one will do, or flush 2 x pouches down one , and 2 x pouches down another: it all ends up in the tank !



The ‘bugs’ in STR Starter are a vibrant viable blend of sewage degrading microorganisms that ‘get to work’ immediately to degrade faecal material and get the bio-mass in the system up and running. The old idea of a dead cat, or chicken head as a starter is a myth. If you think about it, those entrails produce the wrong bacteria – it’s sewage bacteria that you need !


Caution: If the tank has been cleaned with chlorine compounds, or harsh chemicals [strong acids or alkalis], flush it clean with water first. The residues of the cleaning chemicals may kill off the STR Starter microbes.


By the time the septic tank is full, the STR Starter will have become established and permeate the soakaway, which should have been treated with our S.A.C to remove the grease and fats



Septic Systems are essentially anaerobic digesters. Properly sized, built, looked after, and respected they will last several life times, but – like all things – they need to be maintained.. They have no operating costs, so a few Rands spent on their maintenance is a good investment. Because when they go wrong, they can cost a fortune to repair !

We suggest that you use our Septic Sewer Guard, on a regular basis; to maintain your system trouble-free and at tip top performance

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