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Septic Tank Reviver

STR :  Septic Tank Reviver

1.     Use in Septic Tanks and Cess Pits                         

2.     Degrades human sewage.

3.     Controls sewage odour

4.     Prevents blockages and build-up of sewage crusts in the Primary chamber.

5.     Allows a steady stream of benign sewage fat degrading bacteria to enter the soak-away drain / leachfield to prevent fats sealing up the seepage channels

6.     Greatly reduces e.Coli & improves the quality of  discharge to the environment

7.     Establishes a viable microbial ‘bio-mass’ in the septic tank for long term effect.



Dosages                         Based on typical results achieved under average conditions

Tanks up to 1,800 lts [2  persons]

1 x STR 250

Once a year

Tanks up to 4,000 lts [3-4 persons]

1 x STR 500

Once a year

Tanks up to 15,000m3

Multiples of above

Once a year

Tanks  over 15,000m3


Request our advice:


Initially, there may be an historical build-up of ‘crusts’ in your tank.  If this is bad, you will see black mould and dry cracks on the surface: Increase [double] the frequency in the first 6 months. The crust should be not more than 75mm thick. Thereafter, inspect tank every 6 months. Many tanks run well for up to 3 years on one treatment, but never stop routine dosing. Simply place pouches in toilet bowl and flush. Full instructions included in package. Your car needs servicing, so does your septic tank.!  Never allow hot, hot water or ‘harsh chemicals’ into the tank– they’ll kill the microbes! Kitchen waste is  a No-No

 NB: The Septic Tank is the ideal anaerobic digestor of human body wastes. Main reasons for failure are:

  1. Too many people now using the toilets, esp. added accommodation,  B & Bs etc.
  2. Domestic ‘grey water’-shower water &c. entering the tank and reducing ‘feacal residence’ time
  3. If the tank overflows, the leachfield / soak-away is usually blocked with fats [from modern foods] preventing seepage. Use our Soak-Away-Cleaner then treat tank with STR
  4. Frequent ‘pump-outs’ which remove the bacteria, but leave the fats – the cause of the trouble.



STR  is very ‘strong’: A little goes a long way. Kitchen waste must go through a grease trap/ gulley.


STR  is fully accredited under international health and environmental legislation. Technical information and case studies on:  STR is a natural, non-toxic organic product.

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