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[Hard Surface Degreaser]


A powerful aqueous degreaser that is made up from natural mineral salts, and is intended to be used to remove FOG [fatty / oily / greasy] residues from hard surfaces. It is non-flam and non-toxic


HSDG is a slightly caustic aqueous degreasing and hydrocarbon  encapsulating liquid It is opaque to blue in colour. HSDG works by releasing hydrocarbons from hard surfaces and then encapsulating them [removing the contaminent from the pollution equation] in an aqueous inert jelly. Heavier than water, this sinks to the bottom. Under the microscope, it resembles ‘frogs spawn’.  The oil molecules gradually degrade harmlessly within the matrix. A light foaming agent is incorporated for visual indication of cleaning progress.  Most effective in dilutions greater than 1:5 with water.  Can be used in high pressure machines; [up to 1:50 with water] Will not damage seals or ‘O’ rings. See HSDG User Data notes for application protocols.



  • Releases and encapsulates liquid and semi-liquid hydrocarbons: Oils, Paint, Ink, Blood.
  • Compounded from natural mineral salts
  • Releases and encapsulates ammonia from urinals and animal pens
  • Soluble in water
  • Non Toxic [MATD less than 10]
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-corrosive
  • No petroleum derivatives / aromatic solvents
  • Undiluted, HSDG is a biocide
  • Diluted in user solution HSDG rinsate can be washed into the environment



Above . Complies with requirements of EEC, EPA, FDA, DWAF,.


Some Applications


  • Releases and encapsulates splashed urine from floors & walls: ideal in Long Drop cubicles.



  • Removes the grease smitch & cleans grouting.
  • Floors will be non-slip: as they were when built.
  • Prevents build-up of fats thus removing attraction to cockroaches  & vermin
  • Prevents odour – by a combination of the above.
  • Use to clean: Drain traps, Grease/Fat traps, Cooker hoods, Walls, Doors, Work tables: 

                                  All can be cleaned & sanitized with HSDG


Work Shops & Garages

  • Removes oils and grease from concrete, brick and steel floors
  • Use as an Engine Cleaner
  • Use as a Parts Washing bath.
  • Cleans fuel Pump Islands and Forecourt & Driveway stains.



Food & Fish Industry

  • Controls FOG build-up on conveyor chains, belts and flights
  • Cleans floor spillages spread by the wheels of fork-lift trucks & pallet trolleys
  • Use to clean casings of elevators, silos and decking



Cold Room Floors

·         Removes ingrained blood and fish oils which cause typical ‘in-store’ odour


  • Animal Wastes: Releases and encapsulates ammonium compounds from pen/stall floors
  • Prevents the generation of sour animal odours. [skatols & indoles]
  • Prolongs the life of concrete / brick floors
  • Reduces organic load on slurry lagoons / septic tanks / manure pits
  • Use to clean animal feeds / fatty deposits from silos, pens and store yards
  • Spray as a de-odouriser on middens, feedlots & paddocks &c.


Marine & Harbour

·         Cleans and makes ‘non-slip ’Steel and timber Decks, Companion ways and Staircases

  • Engine Room duck boards.
  • Standing Machinery & Winches
  • Quaysides & Jetties
  • Fish Oil Storage Tanks and Delivery Hose Lines


Municipal Waste Water Works

  • Cleaning sewage / sludge pumps
  • Cleaning masonry in and around wet wells
  • Cleaning stairs, suction hoses,steps and handrails in pump stations
  • Waste Bin and Compactor bays


Domestic Animal Pens

  • Releases and encapsulates ammonia build up from urine in concrete floors, especially catteries


Standing Water

  • Encapsulates and ‘drops’[ safely to the bottom] oil slicks on the surface of water-bodies.
  • Encapsulates oil smears in reed beds, and other vegetation in water


Land Farming

  • HSDG can be used to bio-remediate oiled soil and crushed stone [bund aggregate]

Civils & Roads

§ Loosens and encapsulates oil stains and fuel spills from bituminous surfaces.

§  Will not damage ‘black-top’ surfaces, but the oil it removes may have softened the bituminous binder if contact has been prolonged. Except in extreme cases, surface will gradually anneal to original viscosity.


Odour Reduction

The above result in the progressive elimination of odour;

Especially from busy urinals

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