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Pit Latrine Reviver

PLR: Pit Latrine Reviver

1.     Use in Pit Latrines Long Drops & small Cess Pits                         

2.     Degrades human sewage.

3.     Controls sewage odour in conjunction with HSDG

4.     Allows a steady stream of benign sewage degrading bacteria to enter the surrounding soil preventing fats sealing up the seepage channels

5.     Greatly improves the quality of your final discharge into the environment, [underlying water table].

6.     Establishes a viable microbial ‘bio-mass’ in the sewage pit for long term effect.



Dosages                         Based on typical results achieved under average conditions

PLR 25

Typical Pit: 700 x 700 x 1200mm = 0.75m3 + 25lt / water

1 Pack every 3 months


Communal Pits <0.75m3. Use 50g/m3 + 50lt water

 Apply every 3 months


Domestic: Initially, there may be an historical build-up of ‘porridge’ in your pit, especially if it has been abused. If this is bad, you will see dry cracks on the surface: 1.Take a stout stick and poke deep holes. 2. Pour the PLR into a bucket of dirty water and pour this into the holes. 3. Make sure the PLR gets into the wet underlying sludge. 4. Waggle the stick to mix. 5. Add more water tomorrow, then each day until ‘loose’. If really bad, dose once a month for 3 months. 6. You will see tiny bubbles and the level drop as PLR starts to work. The water is needed so the bacteria can swim into the thick sludge to break it down.

Communal: Initial treat = 50g/m3 OV [occupied volume], then 25g/m3  OV. every 3 months.

Method: Calculate OV. Round up. [e.g.5.35m3 calc at 6 x 50g = 300g]. Mix loose powder in bucket of [dirty] water and split dose the pit via stall seats. Use a long stick to mix into sludge. Add additional an 50lt water/m3 OV. Observe. Add water daily till solids slurry. After 6 months, cut 1/4ly dose to +- 15g.

   NB: The Pit Latrine should only receive human body wastes. Main reasons for toilet failure are:

  1. Too many people now using the toilets, esp. added accommodation, permanent friends etc.
  2. Old clothing, bottles, rough paper &c being thrown into the pit
  3. Use of ‘harsh’ chemicals to counter odour. This is a mistake. The natural bugs are killed and the odour worsens, attracting more flies, leading to more danger of disease.
  4. Keep the seat, surround and ‘throat’ clean. Use our HSDG as a scrub. It works very well.


PLR  is very ‘strong’: A little goes a long way. Never dump kitchen waste &c. into a pit latrine.


PLR  is fully accredited under international health and environmental legislation. Technical information and case studies on:  PLR is a natural, non-toxic organic product.

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