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Grey Water Additive

GWA [Grey Water Additive]

 For treating wash water from household drains so it can be re-used in garden, yard & toilets

1.     Degrades oils and greases found in domestic bath, shower, laundry & kitchen waste water.        

2.     Degrades residues: soaps, shampoos, cosmetic wastes and body fats from bathrooms

3.     Controls odour in drains and irrigation water

4.     Replaces the natural water bacteria destroyed by heating and detergents.

5.     Greatly improves the quality of your final effluent into the environment, which will not smell

6.     Fights ‘germs’ if pathogens are in the water.              Also in double ‘ziplock’



Dosages          Based on typical results achieved under average conditions

Depends on the size of your water storage system.

 Typical 3 bed roomed house with 500lt storage tank

10 - 15grm /week

 4 bed roomed house with 1,000 lt storage tank

20grm / week

 Thereafter, calculate on the size of the storage tank at additional

 5grm / 500lt / week


On existing systems, there will be an historical build-up of fat in the tank and lines.

With new systems, double the dose for the first two weeks. Once GWA has settled in and begun to break down the fats, the system will run clean and odour free. After a few weeks you may be able to reduce the dose – by observation - but never stop the routine dosing.                         

 Note: 3grm = 1 x level teaspoon:  5grm = 1 x heaped tspn.  When posted, GWA will [normally] be sent in a plastic ‘mini-grip’ re-sealable / semi airtight pack to save on postal charges.

Application.  GWA works best in conjunction with an Air-Mix aerator – ask us for details. Shake directly onto the water in the storage tank and circulate with the Air-Mix, or stir in with a long strong stick.  If tank is inaccessible, wash down the sink / basin waste.

GWA is very ‘strong’ and a little goes a long way. Water will not be potable quality. Avoid play areas.


GWA is fully accredited under international health and environmental legislation. Technical information and case studies on: water.  GWA is a natural, non-toxic organic product, safe in gardens but we advise not to spray vegetables and edible parts of fruit with grey water. GWA will not harm people or pets in any way.                                  
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