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Dop-A-Day similar to [DrainFlow 60]


1.     Degrades cooking fats, oils and greases.

2.     Works on soap and body fats in bathrooms and compounds.

3.     Controls odour from Drains & Waste rooms

4.     Prevents blockages in drain pipes

5.     Greatly improves the quality of your catering effluent

6.     Fights ‘germs’ [ helps to destroy pathogens]

7.     Deters flies & cockroaches



Dosages               Based on typical results achieved under average conditions

Kitchen Sink Wastes

5ml per waste

Twice a week: pour in

Floor Drains

10ml / drain

Twice a week  pour in

Undersink Interceptors

1 ml / lt capacity

Twice a week  pour in



40 – 50mm

1ml / m of pipe

Once a month. Dose after work so product can ‘bite’ into slimes

75 – 110mm

2ml / m of pipe

Waste Bins


Once a week.  Dil 1:1 in sprayer

Shower & Bath Traps

5ml per waste

Once in 4 months:  pour in

Initially, there will be an historical build-up of fat in your drains, so increase [double] the frequency in the first week. After 6 months, adjust dosage by visual inspection. Allow more during busy periods, less during slack times; but never stop routine dosing.

 Note: Dop-A-Day Is intended for the domestic and small caterer and is supplied in a handy dispenser pack for your ultimate convenience. Very similar to DF60, our Dop-A-Day is equally effective and has a shelf life in excess of 9 months. Keep in a cool dark cupboard, away from children


Dop-A-Day  is very ‘strong’ and a little goes a long way. Always dose when minimum water flows in the drains, typically as the kitchen closes in the evenings. When you start dosing, lumps [‘pigs] of old fat may be dislodged from the drain pipe walls.


Dop-A-Day  is fully accredited under international health and environmental legislation. Technical info & case studies on:  Dop-A-Day is a natural, non-toxic organic product, safe in food areas, and will not harm people or pets.

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