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Some of our most popular products...

B220R is a desiccation-tolerant blend of selected microbes specifically designed for biodegrading fats, oils and greases (FOG). B220R neutralises odours in sewers and pump stations.
BIO-SYSTEMS Septic Tank Reviver (STR)
Composed entirely of naturally-occurring microbes, which have been air dried for longer shelf life, STR prevents smells, clears out congesting gels and will de-fat your septic tank and soakaway over three weeks.
BIO-SYSTEMS Hard Surface Degreaser (HSDG)
HSDG extracts and encapsulates oil from all surfaces and biodegrades it for easy disposal. HSDG is one of our few inorganic preparations and is intended for use where conditions are hostile to organic products.
BIO-SYSTEMS Grey Water Additive (GWA)
This product removes much of the dissolved organic waste and emulsified fatty substances in waste wash (grey) water, preventing anaerobic conditions, putrefaction and odour.
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