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Zimbabwe septic tanks

One of our associates, conversant with the problems experienced with the processing of waste water, has just returned from a visit to Zimbabwe, the home of his youth. Amongst other things, he was surprised that the larger houses on the outskirts of the main towns he visited had few problems with their septic systems

The Wastewater Treatment Works serving the commercial and high density centres had become inoperative long ago, but there was little
odour nuisance, in spite of sewage overflows in the  streets of the poorer suburbs, at pump stations and  junctions.

After some two weeks, of re-acquainting himself with old friends, he and his travelling companion returned to SA. Having a three hour wait at O.R.Tambo airport, a local steakhouse beckoned. Some 30 mins after finishing their meal, they both felt nauseous and ill....really yuk! at the greasy food swamped in sauces that is so typical of 'fast foods'.

Whilst relating this incident, the light dawned on us. It is likely that the septic systems in Zim are running trouble free because there is little or no fat used in cooking: The ready-made 'convenience' bread spreads and sauces just aren't available in that country at present.

He remarked that food in Zim had more flavour and was  prepared using simple recipes. This bears out our local observations that septic systems which have been operating trouble-free for years, especially on farms, have started to suffer problems in recent times. Interesting! But it bears out our reasoning why septic systems give trouble these days !

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