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Sewage package plants

These are really becoming flavour of the month and we are receiving ever increasing enquiries from municipal authorities, developers and the ordinary Joe with a wife, three kids, a granny and a dog.

Luckily, we have the answer for all of them, though whether the average family has the necessary funds is another matter. The trouble is that the average small plant costs around R60k installed [about twice the cost of a proper septic system] but will serve +- 12 to 15 people. However, homo sapiens being what he has become, though a gregarious animal, is not really ‘in to‘ close community living, and the thought of three families sharing one plant are generally a no-no, except if ‘that’s the way it is’ on a new development. 

Fitting these things after occupation, especially in an established home, is a considerable upheaval, requiring the patience and understanding of a ‘super couple’ to stomach all the disturbances necessary....holes in the new driveway, trenches through the new shrubbery and worker’s laundry all over mum’s rose bushes..whilst the lawn turns yellow under piles of pipes, covers and strange shaped queerfings - this especially as there is a dirth of conscientious contractors; even competent ones, these days.

Bio-Systems SA [purveyors of the Best Bugs in the Business] in conjunction with Andrew Hulsman of HWT [effluent engineers] and Dave Marock [entrepreneur extrordinaire and good lookin’ fellah] is working on the answer to the septic system’s prayer and will be offering a solution to the customary soakaway in the very near future.

We are amazed at how many septic systems exist in districts where they have no hope of working; partially because they are too small, but usually because the soil in which they are constructed is impermeable. Sometimes, as in Nature’s Valley and Betty’s bay, the concentration of soakaways per acre is beyond even the most acceptable of sandy soils to process [both these districts have banned soakaways and rely upon the municipal tanker to pump out the ‘conservancy’ [sealed septic] expensive, evilly odiferous and intrusive business, especially during the holiday season. With most small municipalities, there are just not sufficient tankers to go round, nor the funds to purchase and maintain them. Some authorities are charging R85.00 a ‘suck’. R850.00 would be nearer the true cost, all aspects being considered.

We know of one wayside service station up the West Coast, where a 10,000lt municipal tanker is tied up for three mornings a week in the holidays, pumping out their effluent tank, and running it some 225km to the nearest wwtw.  Madness!! [let alone the ‘carbon footprint’;  to use an in vogue buzz word].

Whilst the site owners prevaricate about the capex to improve the situation, they prefer  to pay the municipal fee [+- R40k] as an ‘operating cost’ which can be recovered from forecourt sales......You and me!

Add to this the surcharge they pay for water to irrigate the lawns and gardens, all of which could be provided by effluent re-cycled in one of our Package Plants, and you realize why refreshments are so damnably expensive. We know of a couple of busy commercial kitchens, plying the tourist trade, that use well in excess of 7 tons of water every day......for plate washing!  That’s a tip truck full!

But the kitchen wash-up staff have no running water at home, they get paid peanuts and have no interest in any environmental aspects of life.....except the tea break and the taxi to take them back to their shackland. So we cannot be surprised!!

Please let your clients, colleagues and any interested party know that we can now design, supply and install all the hardware from the plug-hole to the ground. There is no ‘one size fits all, but we sell our P3 ‘package plants’ with a service contract, so you, the owner, leave ‘em alone and we look after them – routine and regular....... Just as you would with your car.

As a précis

Discreet: In ground masonry constructed. Suites larger sites where industrial effluent is experienced, and visual impact is important

SOG Filter, for homes and lodges where problems are being ....experienced with / suitability of..... conventional soakaways.

Pick up the phone and ask us.

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