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Grey Water Growth

With the effects of the current drought spreading along the Garden Route, towns like George, Knysna, Plett and even P.E are being adversely affected, with water usage restrictions in place, or imminent. But many ‘lift the finger’ at the authorities and pay the [additional] price, knowing full well that they are denying others, but insistent upon keeping their lawns green and fancy cars clean.

We have had a huge upsurge in Grey Water enquiries during the last 6 weeks, and it’s very good for business. We’re not complaining, but the attitude of so many is purely selfish, and they exhibit scant regard for others, less fortunate than themselves in their own community.

I drive around quite a bit, and have yet to find a service station where water in the basins is curtailed. Many govt and municipal offices still have the wasteful routinely flushing urinals, and many do not have basin taps that turn off without dribbling.

We have a really good grey water treatment system, and though it costs money to install, the payback period is generally less than seven years; often far less, but people amortise the cost of altering their gardens  - not that they realize the extent to which this might stretch – into the overall figure.

With solar water heating, the currently estimated 8yr payback is liable to reduce to less than 4 yrs as the price of electricity from Eskom leaps skywards – with no guarantee of continuous supply, either.....water will go the same way, especially if we do not train ourselves to be more frugal with the resourse.

Our SOG Filter is on trial for grey water. Early days yet, but it’s looking good – most encouraging in fact. We aim to sell a complete unit as a kit which either we or a competent plumber can install, to treat all laundry and  body wash water. As always, the major cost – when retrofitting – will be the piping in the garden; chopping up driveways, paths and avoiding obstacles. Wisdom will dictate that you establish indigenous plants – they are accustomed to low water consumption. Grass, roses and the like are gross drinkers and should be avoided. We have access to several practical landscaping fundis, so sommer yuss ask us !

Analytical results from the SOG filter are, as we say above, most encouraging with a virtual eradication of e.coli and other pathogens, in the company of greatly reduced organic detritus. We will be in a position to advertise and market the unit shortly.

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