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Designers and Contractors. B220R Saves the Day

With most of our clients, their non-observance of building ‘regulations’ and plain common sense, are the cause of most malfunctions. A case in point

A swish recently opened restraint within a prestigious wine estate, the sort of establishment where you need a German saloon to gain admission and the availability of substantial credit to wine and dine: During the last afternoon of 2008, their home-designed grease trap began overflowing.

We were called to clear the blockage in the outfall sewer which , we subsequently discovered, ran for some 60 metres in two dog-legs beneath the brick paved and ornately landscaped car park. The inspection covers having been paved over ‘because they were ugly’, and forgotten save by one of the old retainers, a gardener who was ‘off duty’.

Luckily we managed to work from both ends with long pressure lances and the blockage was cleared by mid-morning; in time for New Year’s luncheon.

The lesson here is that we had drawn the attention of management to the contravention – three months ago, when we took over, but the owners had declined to make funds available for its’ rectification.

It almost cost them two days’ worth of peak trading. As the average bill is of the order R2k, and they have over 85 tables, plus the garden sittings, this would have been a very considerable sum indeed. Thank heavens we had been using L2120 and the spillage was virtually odourless!!!

By the way, I had many years in the paving business as a designing and installation contractor. It is a fact that inspection covers can, - and Murphy dictates that they do – occur in the most awkward places.

We used to adjust their height, carefully; mark them by measuring from two corners of the building, recording the sketch and securing it in the electricity meter box, then paving over them, with two half bricks, blending into the pattern as close as possible to either the centre, or – on large ones – at each corner.

In the event of a blockage, finding them was a simple matter of resection using two tapes, or two lengths of twine cut to size. Boy scout stuff!

B220R Saves the Day

One of our larger winery clients has an effluent plant designed and managed by a colleague. The plant receives mixed effluent, hotel, restaurants, toilets and winery that has defeated the efforts of several previous contractors.

Probably because the wine maker had engaged a sub-contractor recently, who used a lower halogen compound to improve their water supply, the biomass suffered, resulting in turgidity and unpleasant odours.

Our advice was sensibly sought, and a couple of kgs of B220R sorted the problem, chop chop. We now have to persuade the client to use B220R as single malt whisky; a little and often, to maintain the sparkling quality achieved.

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