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B220R & L2120 prove their potency – Again!

Recently, we were approached by the consulting engineers to a large new shopping mall on the south east coast. From the busy food court where several fastfood franchises ply their wares, sewers were cloyed with fat, and the main gravity line, running for over 1 kilometre was really horrible, with odours escaping near the end, into a new housing development.

Residents threatening to withhold rentals, and letters to the council, the usual thing.... The municipality took issue with the consultants who, in turn took issue with the management of the mall, and the result was that we were called upon to try to sort the problem.

This was fine. Yes we can, then the argey bargey over cost and who would pay  erupted and boiled back and forth for several weeks. Some people said they knew some people who sorted the problem with chicken feathers mixed with enzymes and creosote, and others had wild ideas about the power of doing nothing.

Eventually reason triumphed and we got the hallowed ‘Order’.

Doubting Thomas dosed the drain points on the days specified with the amounts specified. Nothing happened for a couple of it was the turn of our ‘phones to go wild !

Then, after four days, a more conciliatory tone was adopted, and within a week we were being cheered as their FOG began to clear and our tarnished reputation started to regain it’s accustomed lustre.

After two week, the tenants resumed payment of their arrears and all was forgiven......The entire network was clearing fast and all odours were gone with the wind. As expected [and they were warned] pigs of hard white fat were dislodged and we are just awaiting quality analyses from the technical department of the local council.

Now this is all very well, and we thank the local authority for their insistence that the facility ‘come to the party’. We have, in the past, experienced similar situations, but the mall facility management have denied involvement and informed us that each and every tenant must purchase and dose himself.

This never works, as each franchisee has a cheaper method, and it all falls to pieces as cheap biocides, caustic soda and sulphuric acid take their toll and the levels of pollution and odour rapidly worsen.

The only way – we have found from long experience -  is for the facility management to purchase from us direct, and get their own staff to maintain and dose as directed, recovering such costs from the tenants; who score anyway as there will be no odours [but more customers] and no plumber’s bills.

An additional consideration is staff turn-over ‘Managers’ come and go like flies and the new incoming fellow is always keen to impress the owner [many of whom spend their days on the golf course, visiting the ‘shop’ in their expensive German car to empty the till each evening], by reducing output costs and increasing the ‘bottom line’.

Our mooti, seen to be expensive is always in the firing line; so unfair because, used as directed – rather than thrown to an uneducated kitchen scivvie – it is far cheaper and more effective than conventional ‘cleaning materials’. We know, - because we’re proved it over again -, that a busy restaurant kitchen and waste room can be run on our products for less than the price they charge for a couple of coffees...a day !

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