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The new (and improved) BIO-SYSTEMS SA website goes live
Rural Effluent Treatment and Package Plants
During recent months, we have grown closer to two specialists in the waste water treatment field.
Product Price Increase
Unfortunately, the ‘credit crunch’ has forced us into the price increase corner… Luckily, due to our expanding market, we’ve managed to keep the increases below the govt advertised CPIX, so our clients are actually saving money by paying our new – below par – prices.
Designers and Contractors. B220R Saves the Day
With most of our clients, their non-observance of building ‘regulations’ and plain common sense, are the cause of most malfunctions. A case in point
B220R & L2120 prove their potency – Again!
Recently, we were approached by the consulting engineers to a large new shopping mall on the south east coast. From the busy food court where several fastfood franchises ply their wares, sewers were cloyed with fat, and the main gravity line, running for over 1 kilometre was really horrible, with odours escaping near the end, into a new housing development.
Zimbabwe septic tanks
One of our associates, conversant with the problems experienced with the processing of waste water, has just returned from a visit to Zimbabwe, the home of his youth. Amongst other things, he was surprised that the larger houses on the outskirts of the main towns he visited had few problems with their septic systems
New Service Contracts
Monthly reports are being introduced by Bio-Systems SA to assist clients in satisfying government audits
Grease Trap lessons underlined
We recently had to vacuum a large grease trap [It was a Rofo RGT2000] serving a daytime-only restaurant because the staff had been washing all the fatty deposits from the plates, and the walls of the fryers, down the drains.
Sewage package plants
These are really becoming flavour of the month and we are receiving ever increasing enquiries from municipal authorities, developers and the ordinary Joe with a wife, three kids, a granny and a dog.
Grey Water Growth
With the effects of the current drought spreading along the Garden Route, towns like George, Knysna, Plett and even P.E are being adversely affected, with water usage restrictions in place, or imminent. But many ‘lift the finger’ at the authorities and pay the [additional] price, knowing full well that they are denying others, but insistent upon keeping their lawns green and fancy cars clean.
Quick Help
To help you find a solution, information and advice, please complete our Diagnostic Form or visit our Quick Product Finder and Products Folder


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