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Wunce-a-Week degrades sewage

This product is a concentrated blend of natural bacteria, selected for their ability to degrade human wastes (sewage). It is marketed in a ready-to-use aqueous environment.

The microorganisms in Wunce-a-Week are ubiquitous, non-pathogenic and do not present a health hazard when used as directed.

Wunce-a-Week (also called Week-Ender) is for the weekend cottage septic tank.

Wunce-a-Week attributes

  1. Degrades human sewage and FOG.
  2. Promotes and maintains a healthy biomass in the tank.
  3. Controls drain odour.
  4. Prevents blockages in sewer pipes.
  5. Greatly improves the quality of your final effluent.
  6. Helps to keep soakaway free from fats.


  • When you arrive, pour two measures (20ml) down the loo. Add one measure each day, then a double as you leave. This will boost the bacteria in the tank when you arrive and keep them busy after you have departed.
  • Initially, there will be an historical build up of sewage in your septic tank, so increase (double) the frequency in the first week.
  • After three months, adjust dosage by visual inspection. Allow more during busy periods, less during slack times, but never stop routine dosing.

Fast fact:
Wunce-a-Week is very strong and a little goes a long way.
For more technical data on BIO-SYSTEMS Wunce-a-Week, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

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