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BIO-SYSTEMS product table

Note: The table lists the most commonly used BIO-SYSTEMS products, which are usually all in stock. Problem-specific products in the American range are also available (visit, but time

B220 Red

must be allowed for transport. Most products are supplied on a bran base. Some products can be produced on a kelp base if import regulations dictate (as with Australia, for example, where the importation of anything containing cereal bran is not permitted). However, the kelp base is usually marginally more expensive.

Microbial products

BIO-SYSTEMS 'B' range - powders soluble in water

For technical data on each product, please request the Material Data Sheet (MSDS) from
*S/O = Special Order

What it does/degrades
Where to use it
Surfactants and complex organic chemicals phenols,
benzene compounds, alcohols
Effluent pre-treatment and municipal sewers
and treatment works
Chlorinated organics Chemical and PCB waste
Establishes viable biomass in anaerobic sewage systems
Anaerobic digesters, septic tanks
Grease and odour control in grease traps, interceptor pipes, sump boots and tanks
Grease interceptor traps, gravity sewer lines and high grease food processing
B220 & B220H
Grease and odour control, assists in prevention
of sulphide

Pump stations and gravity lines

Slow release cube providing continuous source
of microbes

Lift stations and pump stations

B220 Cube
Degrades diary/cheese wastes
Dairies, cheese factories B250

Mechanical hydrocarbons, fuels, lube oils, hydraulic oils, some vegetable oils, most solvents and greases
Soil bioremediation following spills and historical oil stains in the ground, mechanical interceptors, traps, pump stations and oil sludge sumps

Same as B350 (above) as well as oils in
marine environment

Bunker oil on beaches, ships’ bilges


Refinery and cannery waste

Oil and petrochemical plants

Petroleum derivatives

Soil bioremediation following spills
Slow release cube providing continuous source
of microbes
Mechanical interceptors, traps, pump stations and oil sludge sumps

S350 Cube

Oily waste deposits in sumps

Engineering sites, oil stores
Improves lawn grass by degrading ‘thatch’
Golf greens and lawns
Reduces sludge in any type of secondary biological treatment system. Maintains high performance microbes in bio-filters
Wastewater treatment lagoons, oxidation ponds and maturation rivers. Good in cold weather


Degrades fruit, vegetable and winery waste Pack houses, wineries and food processing plants
Degrades paper and pulp waste
Paper and pulp mills
Improves settlement and reduces sludge in maturation lagoons of Wastewater Treatment Works

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Works

Degrades manure slurries and reduces ammonia in animal wastes
Animal pens and drainage channels, slurry lagoons

Improves settlement and reduces sludge in maturation lagoons of Wastewater Treatment Works

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Works


Controls grease and odour in drains
Kitchens, grease traps, laundry drains, shower and
bath wastes

Accelerates anaerobic biological digestion

Septic tanks and pit latrines


Liquid products

BIO-SYSTEMS 'L' range - products in aqueous solution

For technical data on each product, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from
*S/O = Special Order

What it does/degrades
Where to use it

FOG under jetting pressure

Sewer jetting
Cleans FOG from drains and sewers. Good in grease traps and sewage spills. Controls drain odour Hotels, restaurants, municipal sewers, grease traps, drain lines septic tanks and porta-loos


Odour suppressant
Public places, waste yards

Medical and catering FOG

Hospital drains and canteens
Penetrates masonry and ‘chases’ oils around  under-surface cables, pipes and ducts,
and on hard surfaces. Gets into inaccessible corners
under machinery

Workshop floors, rail yards. Thoroughly degreases concrete slabs and masonry prior to coating with paint
or epoxy


Micro-nutrient bacterial booster
Wastewater Treatment Works deficient
in nutrients

Ammonia-reducing bacterial aid, nitrifying liquid

Re-starts poor nitrification (keep cool, limited shelf life)


Made-up products

Convenience packs - intended for use by D.I.Y and small users

For technical data on each product, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

What it does/degrades
Where to use it

Starts and revives septic tanks: stops smells, clears out congesting gels and de-fats

Septic tanks systems
(Septic Tank Reviver)

Degrades grease in soakaways and leach fields that seal media and prevent seepage of effluent

French drains/soakaways/leach fields
(SoakAway Cleaner)

Septic sewage conditioner for use in weekend cabins
and cottages

Via toilets to septic tank
Breaks down faecal solids in pit latrines/long drops and results in an improved quality of effluent seeping into the surrounding soil

Rural pit toilets and temporary camp sites
(Pit Latrine Reviver)
Degrades FOG in kitchen drain interceptors and
grease traps

Factories, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets
(FogFree 200)
Degrades COD and fat slimes on contact. Degrades FOG and reduces odour Drain pipes and traps in hotel and restaurant kitchens, supermarket deli preparation areas and display counters DF60
(Drain Flow 60)
As DF60 (above), but in a small user/domestic
handy pack

Coffee shops, bars, household


Removes dissolved organic waste and emulsified fatty substances in waste wash water, preventing anaerobic conditions, putrefaction and odour

Waste wash water from household drains for re-use in garden and yard
(Grey Water Additive)
Removes organic impurities from grey water
On the waste water - normally from a drainage system Bio-Aqua kit
Metabolises Nitrates and Phosphates in pond water, and deters duckweed and other algal blooms

Fish ponds, dams and ornamental lakes

Accelerates composting of vegetable trash
Compost heaps


Products outsourced by BIO-SYSTEMS SA

Non-biological products

For technical data on each product, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

What it does/degrades Where to use it Code

Releases and encapsulates most oils from hard surfaces. Releases and encapsulates ammonia

All catering and workshop areas, or wherever there is ingrained FOG. Also degrades animal urine from pens
(Hard Surface Degreasesr)
Sphagnum peat vegetable fibre that encapsulates oil without leaching Oil spills – brilliant for bioremediation of oil-soaked soils, and hydrocarbon clean-up
Spill-SorbTM pads and socks for encapsulating and containing minor oil spillage

Standing machinery and plugging drains

Polypropylene flannels that float on water and absorb
oils (reusable)

Grease traps and oily mechanical sumps

Trap Nappy
Support nutrients for BIO-SYSTEMS B350
Bioremediation of soils and hard surfaces
Provides additional dissolved oxygen in
anaerobic effluents

Pump station wet-wells, effluent sumps and grease traps

Infuse finely divided air into water catalyzing
oxygen transfer
Wastewater Treatment Works, interceptors, DAF units and ornamental ponds
AirMix Aeration Injectors

Working drawings for septic systems

Rural sewage treatment for farms, hotels and
public amenities
Drawings of septic tanks and soakaways

Interceptors for solids and grease retention

Kitchens and workshops
Rhino Filtration System

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Mazzei AirmixProduct Safety Information
BIO-SYSTEMS International and its Affiliates maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on many of their respective products. You are urged to obtain copies of the relevant MSDSs before using these products to enhance the protection of your employees and customers against any known health or safety hazards described in those MSDSs. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any safety aspects of these products. In all cases, such safety, process, or training advice is based only on the specific factual information provided to us; the scope of our process, safety, or training advice is limited to the scope of coverage and limiting assumptions and premises identified in our information or in our response.

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