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'L' range Liquid products overview

BIO-SYSTEMS 'L' (liquid) products are formulated to enable our clients to access contaminants in difficult-to-reach locations, such as inside drain pipes, behind industrial cladding and ingrained into hard surfaces like concrete or masonry walls, floors and ceilings. Some varieties are suitable for use in automatic dosing devices.

Note: L products contain a concentrated blend of microorganisms and their supporting systems in aqueous solution. There are in excess of five billion viable active microorgasms per litre of ready to use (RTU) product.

Research and development

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in microbial activity. The selection process is thorough and time consuming, playing one variety off against another to assess the most effective mixture of microorganisms for the job. All this is done in state-of-the-art laboratories by qualified scientists.

We have identified different groups of microbes that prefer different 'diets'. These varieties have been selected into products targeted at their preferred food source. There are quite a number of these and most of them are showcased on our Product table. Each product is aimed at degrading a particular contaminant present in a particular effluent stream. Mixed effluents may require mixed products, but these are usually inter-compatible. The great advantage to the customer is that we are able to advocate the very best mixture with which to remove COD from his effluent stream.

Environmental impact

When used as directed the BIO-SYSTEMS L range is safe.

Our products are natural and harmless to people, clothing and the environment and they are completely biodegradable.

When applied to effluent treatment facilities the BIO-SYSTEMS L range assists in:
  1. Helping to establish a biomass capable of handling difficult wastes.
  2. Reducing the accumulation of unsightly and frequently odoriferous deposits of contaminants.
  3. Increasing the efficiency of overloaded treatment systems, by 'buying back' processing capacity.
  4. Preventing the blocking, ponding and possible collapse of drainage pipes and filter-bed media.
  5. Significantly reducing odour problems.
  6. Enhancing BOD and COD removal while improving sludge settlement.


BIO-SYSTEMS L products contain a range of microorganisms that include aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria. Selected from their natural environment, these bacteria have been adapted to give optimum performance in degrading contaminants by providing the normal mechanism for the selection of the biomass population with the opportunity to change its make-up in a matter not usually available. By this we mean that our bugs are a selected team of experts in their field - like the best 11 boys in a school cricket side. But like all trained athletes they are prone to injury and have to be replaced as they become damaged by 'organic inhibitors' such as strong chemicals or detergents.


Products in our L range are usually supplied as concentrates. They are not intended to be used in this condition. Always dilute concentrates as per the label.

Pack sizes include:

  1. Concentrates in 25lt, 5lt and 1lt
  2. RTU in 5lt, 2lt, 1lt and 330ml

Other pack quantities are available on request.


  1. Dilute RTU solutions. This is usually 1 part to 19 parts water (for example, L2100 concentrate becomes L2120 RTU).
  2. Apply to the head of the line in small, frequent doses.
  3. In food kitchens typically 5ml per sink waste per night for 4 consecutive nights to clear historical build-up, then twice a week at close of business.
  4. In sewers choose time of minimum flow and dose according to chart (provided upon request).
  5. Grease traps and sumps dose at 1 litre per cubic metre initially then weekly at 250ml per cubic metre occupied volume capacity.
  6. Beware: 'pigs' (blockages) of solidified fat are liable to be dislodged from clogged lines in the first few weeks.

Product range

BIO-SYSTEMS has two flagship varieties in the L range:

  1. L1800 – for degrading mechanical oils, petroleums, diesel, solvents, etc.
  2. L2120 – for degrading catering oils, food factory effluent, abattoir waste, etc.

Note: Although a liquid product, BIO-SYSTEMS Hard Surface Degreaser (HSDG) is inorganic and listed separately.

For a complete list of BIO-SYSTEMS L products and their target pollutants click on our Product table. Also visit our Case histories.

Whatever the effluent problem BIO-SYSTEMS has the product that will solve it, naturally. For comprehensive information on how click on Municipal, Domestic, Industrial and Agricultural.

Quick Help
To help you find a solution, information and advice, please complete our Diagnostic Form or visit our Quick Product Finder and Products Folder


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