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Hard Surface Degreaser (HSDG)

HSDG extracts and encapsulates oil from all surfaces and biodegrades it for easy disposal. HSDG is one of our few inorganic preparations and is intended for use where conditions are hostile to organic products.

Formulated from a blend of natural active mineral salts and biodegradable surfactants, HSDG has been developed for compatibility with microbial activity:

  • It is a remarkable liquid product that releases oil derivatives and actually encapsulates them, removing the contaminant from the pollution equation. The molecules of oil then degrade over time.
  • The rinsate can be safely washed into drains or the environment.
  • A foaming agent has been added as an indicator for convenience.
  • The formulation is non-toxic and recommended for use in food kitchens and factories.

How it works

When used, diluted with water as directed, the active ingredients (mineral salts) loosen the adhesive bond between the greasy contaminant and the affected surface. The molecules of oil are encased in thin envelopes of jelly – seen through a strong microscope these resemble frog spawn. The latent bacteria adhering to the oil molecules thereafter break them up and degrade them over time (in relation to the chemical complexity of the molecular structure) into natural radicals, which return harmlessly to the environment. 

Applied straight from the container, HSDG is a biocide. Used in diluted user solution (see label) it can be used with absolute safety in biological environments for the removal of fats, oils and greases (FOG) from all types of surfaces.

HSDG is packaged in 5 litre and 25 litre polycans.

HSDG attributes

HSDG has the following unique features:
  1. Compounded from natural mineral salts and soluble in water.
  2. Releases and encapsulates contaminants such as oils, paint, ink, blood, ammonia from animal pens, etc.
  3. Removes fats, oils and greases from hard surfaces – making floors non slip.
  4. A non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic detergent that can be safely washed into drain pipes – ideal for kitchens and pressure cleaners.
  5. Stops odour from kitchen and waste room floors.
  6. Deters flies and cockroaches by removing fats.
  7. Can be sprayed onto floating oil which it ‘cakes’ for easy disposal.


  • HSDG complies with requirements of EEC, EPA, FDA and DWAF.


HSDG is used with great effect in the following industries:

A.  Catering

       Typically used to de-fat:

  • grease interceptor traps and their surrounds, masonry chambers and metal lids;
  • floors and wall tiles spattered with ingrained fat;
  • conveyor chains in bakeries and food factories;
  • cooker hoods; and
  • floors (including industrial carpeting) keeping them non-slip.

Kitchen floor before HSDG treatment

A kitchen floor before treatment with HSDG

Kitchen floor after HSDG treatment

Kitchen floor after HSDG treatment.
(Note: all the oil has been encapsulated and removed leaving an oil-free surface)

Brickwork before HSDG treatment

Oil-encrusted brickwork around a grease trap before treatment with HSDG

Brickwork after HSDG treatment

After treatment with HSDG – all the oil
has been drawn out of the bricks

B.  Municipal and commercial

       HSDG is remarkable when cleaning…

  • sewage/sludge pumps;
  • masonry around wet-wells;
  • stairs, steps and hand rails in pump stations;
  • waste bins and compactor bins;
  • fuel spills, oil stains on mechanical workshop floors and benches;
  • oil contamination from service and ventilation ducts;
  • transformer oil from plinths;
  • fish oil from decking and hoses; and
  • fuel spills on highways, especially diesel, without damaging ‘black top’ surfaces.

Workshop floor before HSDG treatment

Long-term oil staining on a workshop floor

Workshop floor after HSDG treatment

After treatment with HSDG - years of embedded oil has been drawn out of the cement

C.  Agriculture

       HSDG is excellent at…

  • releasing and encapsulating ammonium compounds from pen/stall floors;
  • preventing generation of sour animal odours;
  • prolonging life of concrete/brick floors;
  • reducing organic load on slurry lagoons/septic tanks/manure pits;
  • cleaning animal feeds/fatty deposits from silos, pens and store yards; and
  • deodourising feedlot paddocks etc.

D.   Environment

        HSDG is highly effective when…

  • cleaning up oil spills in hard soil or sand and concrete slabs;
  • cleaning spilled bunker fuel from rocks in a salt water marine environment;
  • used to remove the thin oil scum (Newton ring effect) from stagnant water; and
  • used to sanitize hard surfaces surrounding pit latrines - releasing and encapsulating splashed urine from floors/walls.

HSDG advantages

The benefits of using HSDG include:

  1. Free from all aromatic solvents;
  2. Safe to use in sensitive environments;
  3. Non-toxic and non-flammable (it will extinguish flame);
  4. Odourless;
  5. Inert to surfaces (except glass, which it will etch if left to dry);
  6. Cheaper than other degreasers; and
  7. Has no disposal costs.


For more technical data on HSDG, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

Click on the BIO-SYSTEMS Product table for a complete list of products. Also visit our HSDG case history.

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