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L2120 catalyst for fatty wastewater

L2120 has the revolutionary property of holding microbes in suspended animation in a liquid matrix. The fatty wastewater into which the microbes are introduced acts as the ‘wake-up’ catalyst.

L2120 is specifically formulated to degrade complex vegetable oils such as rape seed, sunflower seed and olive oils. Margarines, processed cheeses, mayonnaises, etc. are also well within the ambit of L2120.

L2120 is supplied in ready-to-use 1lt and 5lt containers or as a concentrate in 250ml re-usable dispenser bottles.

L2120 attributes

L2120 is intended for industrial applications where quantities of polluting FOG vary with processing, or where the product is needed for a once-off application. For example, food factory production line spills and greasy sump cleaning.

L2120 has the following benefits:

  1. It has no vegetable carrier to resist dilution.
  2. It disperses easily in water.
  3. It will not be damaged if it gets wet.
  4. Has a pleasant citrus aroma.
  5. Available in a convenient, easy-to-use ‘Dop-a-Day’ dispenser bottle.

Fast fact:
Routine production lines in kitchens, restaurants – wherever repetitive loads are normally experienced – are kept grease and odour free with regular dosings of L2120.

For more technical data on L2120, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

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