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L1800 treats oil spills

L1800 is a specially formulated biological product intended for cleaning light hydrocarbon oil spills.

L1800 is safe to use in bakeries and food preparation areas. It is harmless to people, machinery and the environment, and is completely biodegradable.

L1800 liquid concentrate is available in 1 litre and 5 litre polycans or 250ml x 10ml dispenser bottles (for small maintenance jobs). Dispenser bottles are available in packs of five per carton.

L1800 attributes

  1. L1800 is highly cost-effective and easy to use...

    • Lightly dampen the dirty surface with water and spread L1800 solution over the affected area with a broom.
    • Leave for 45 minutes to allow the microbes to penetrate the oil and then brush vigorously with a stiff broom.
    • For maximum effect – and to reduce the brushing effort, which may not always be practical in confined/restricted spaces – leave overnight.
    • The microbes ‘eat’ their way into the hard surface. Following the minute rivulets within the interstices of the concrete matrix, the microbes degrade the oil to harmless natural substances as they proceed.
  2. By getting into inaccessible corners under machinery, L1800 thoroughly degreases concrete slabs and masonry prior to coating with paint or epoxy.
  3. L1800 penetrates around under-surface cables, pipes and ducts, degrading hydrocarbons at it goes. It is a helpful aide when applying for Environmental Clearance Certificates.

For more technical data on L1800, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

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