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Grey Water Additive (GWA)

This product removes much of the dissolved organic waste and emulsified fatty substances in waste wash (grey) water, preventing anaerobic conditions, putrefaction and odour.

GWAGWA is a blend of selected microbes, supplied in a customized domestic pack. It removes dissolved organic waste and emulsified fatty substances in waste wash (grey) water. The result is re-usable water that is relatively clean and does not smell.

GWA is used to treat wash water from household drains so it can be re-used in the garden and yard.

GWA attributes

BIO-SYSTEMS SA's Grey Water Additive has the following features:
  1. Degrades oils and greases in domestic kitchen wastewater.
  2. Works on soaps, shampoos, cosmetic wastes and body fats from bathrooms.
  3. Controls odour in drains and irrigation water.
  4. Replaces the natural bacteria destroyed by heating and detergents.
  5. Greatly improves the quality of your final effluent into the environment.
  6. For more information and advice, please contact:

    tel +27 21 786 1601

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Depending on the size of your water storage system…

  • Typical three-bedroomed house with 500lt storage tank = 10g per week
  • Four-bedroomed house with 1,000lt storage tank = 20g per week
  • Thereafter calculated on the size of the storage tank at additional 10g per 500lt per week

On existing systems, GWA will clear the historical build up of fat in your tank and lines. With new systems, double the dose for the first two weeks. Once GWA has settled in and begun to break down the fats, the system will run clean and odour free. After a few weeks you may be able to reduce the dose (by observation), but never stop the routine dosing.

For more technical data on BIO-SYSTEMS GWA, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

Fast fact: GWA works best in conjunction with an AirMix aerator (ask us for details). Pour directly into the storage tank and circulate with the aerator, or stir in with a sturdy stick. If inaccessible, wash down the sink or basin waste. GWA is very strong and a little goes a long way.

Quick Help
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