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Drain Flow 60 (DF60)

DF60 is a liquid microbial product that degrades and reduces fats (especially catering COD), grease deposits and odour on contact.

DF60 is supplied in ready-to-use 1 litre and 5 litre containers.

DF60 attributes

DF60 will help...

  1. Prevent overflows in septic tanks;
  2. Reduce health hazards;
  3. Improve quality of discharge to the environment;
  4. Control odour; and
  5. Can be applied easily from the outfall of the secondary chamber of the septic tank.

Fast fact:
DF60 also acts as an effective deodoriser and helps control vermin, especially flies, in solid waste compactors and refuse bins.

Because it is a liquid, DF60 is ideal for use in drain pipes and slow-moving dirty water where it attacks COD and fat slimes on contact. It lodges in the minute corrugations of the fat slime surface (similar to the little ridges in exposed sand on a beach as the tide ebbs), where it buries itself into the fat lining of the drain pipe (its food source) allowing the dirty water to pass without washing it out. The microbes burrow into the contaminant, which they rapidly degrade, restoring the bore of the drain pipe to its original specification.


To keep the average-sized restaurant clean and free of blockages and odour, the following amounts of DF60 should be dosed three times a week:

  • 10ml into floor drains
  • 5ml per sink waste
  • 50ml per 100lt grease interceptor trap

For more technical data on DF60, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

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