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B350 degrades petroleum

B350 contains a high concentration of naturally-occurring microorganisms that have been selected for their ability to degrade a wide range of petroleum-based and other hydrocarbon chemicals.

B350 is used for degrading mechanical oils and fuel wastes: diesel, petrol, petroleum derivatives, solvents, hydraulic oil, gear oils, greases, etc. It is also effective at degrading palm oil shortening and several types of crop protection chemicals.

B350 is packed in 250g water soluble pouches — 40 per 10kg bucket.

B350 attributes

B350 is designed to improve the performance of biological systems in the following ways:

  1. It establishes and maintains a resistant biomass that is able to degrade difficult and varying hydrocarbon wastes of varying chemical complexity.
  2. It increases BOD and COD removal efficiency, thereby assisting organically overloaded treatment plants.
  3. It produces sludge flocs with superior settling characteristics that assist organically stressed systems.
  4. It prevents the blocking, ponding and possible collapse of filter-bed media.
  5. Apart from degrading COD and BOD, B350 has the ability to greatly reduce the generation of odour and sulphides under the correct conditions and when applied as directed.

B350 is typically employed in…

  • Routine inoculation into mechanical oil separators and grease traps for the control of COD and odour. A typical dosage would be: 75g per 1,000lt capacity per week.

  • Bio-remediation of oil – commonly diesel and/or gear oils in soils around field workshops. A typical application would be: 125g per 1m3 bank of contaminated soil (this is a specialist application that we recommend is undertaken by a competent contractor).

Fast fact:
Regular dosing with B350 greatly improves the quality of effluent discharged to municipal sewers, reducing your liability to financial penalties.

For more technical data on B350, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

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