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B220R biodegrades fats

B220R is a desiccation-tolerant blend of selected microbes specifically designed for biodegrading fats, oils and greases (FOG). B220R neutralises odours in sewers and pump stations.

Conventionally, sluggish pump stations are cleaned manually. However, this method is dangerous and also very expensive considering the safety procedures and specialized gear required. BIO-SYSTEMS B220R offers a solution that is not only far safer, but drastically more cost effective in that entry into wet-wells is seldom necessary.

The B220R package consists of 2 x 250g soluble pouches. The pink pouch dissolves in minutes for immediate action. The brown pouch floats in the wet-well for up to a couple of hours, then dissolves for long-lasting secondary action.

Note: BIO-SYSTEMS B220R is marketed as FogFree to small D.I.Y users.

B220R attributesB220 Red

B220R softens and cleans grease build-up in pump station wet-wells, mechanical equipment, rising mains and gravity sewer lines. It also…

  1. Reduces odour
    B220R microbes out-compete sulphide-causing bacteria that thrive under anaerobic conditions, thereby eliminating undesirable sewage odour – especially in slow cycling stations where fermentation of sewage may occur.
  2. Prevents sulphide gasses and corrosion
    Countering anaerobic degradation leads to the elimination of sulphide gas production – a by-product of anaerobic fermentation/degradation – which in turn forms corrosive sulphuric acid that attacks masonry, metal fittings and electrical switchgear.
  3. Reduces scum
    Gels and solids floating on the surface and lining the sewer walls are permeated by the introduced B220R microbes, which systematically degrade these pollutants from the under side.
  4. Prevents fat rafts
    When FOG coagulates it forms ‘rafts’ that interfere with volume-sensing switch gear. B220R helps by preventing the rafts from forming.
  5. Decongests clogged floats
    This constant cause of pump station malfunction is easily remedied by B220R as it efficiently breaks down the dried fatty deposits encrusting chains and floats.
  6. Purges rising mains
    The small percentage of B220R microbes that ‘bleed’ past the pump will attack the fat lining the walls of the rising main during the rest cycle. As a result, the throat of the sewer gradually opens and returns to its design diameter reducing back pressure on the pump with consequent savings in the amount of current drawn.
  7. Benefits up-line
    By countering the anaerobic conditions in long rising mains (LRM), B220R delivers a better quality effluent to the up-line wet-well with a consequent reduction/prevention in odour.
  8. Improves effluent quality
    After dosing routinely for two months, B220R will deliver a better quality effluent with reduced FOG to the WwTW, purging sewers and pump stations as its influence progresses.
  9. Reduces effluent load
    The final destination (the WwTW) will ultimately benefit from the routine dosing, reducing the organic load and allowing improved sludge settlement.
  10. Extended residence time
    As B220R ‘lives’ in the top 300mm of the wet-well, the majority of the microbes remain within the pump station chamber (wet-well) ensuring long-term activity.

Fast fact:
Regular dosing with B220R will pay for itself by reducing the need for cleaning labour, suction tankers and sewer jetting as well as the maintenance costs of wear and tear on pumps in pump stations.

For more technical data on B220R, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from

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