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BIO-SYSTEMS products at a glance

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B220 Red

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All BIO-SYSTEMS products are supplied in factory sealed containers and share the following criteria:

  • Manufactured to ISO 9001/2 (certificate available);
  • Other certificates include Independent Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Health; 
  • Cell count average is five billion per dry gram of viable bacteria;
  • All consortia are universal;
  • Not genetically modified - without any alien/invasive/exotics;
  • Free of anthrax and pathogenic bacilli (certification available);
  • Free of pathogens such as Salmonella, E Coli and Shigella;
  • Free of commercial enzymes not produced by latent consortia;
  • Proof of efficacy over 12-month period certified by three professional municipal engineers;
  • 2-year shelf life when stored as directed;
  • Liquid products supplied in concentration when appropriate. Concentrated liquids stabilized for a minimum of six months shelf life.
Also see our Allied products page.

Note: The table lists the most commonly used BIO-SYSTEMS products, which are usually all in stock. Problem-specific products in the American range are also available (visit, but time must be allowed for transport. Most products are supplied on a bran base. Some products can be produced on a kelp base if import regulations dictate (as with Australia, for example, where the importation of anything containing cereal bran is not permitted). However, the kelp base is usually marginally more expensive.

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