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Case histories

BIO-SYSTEMS SA has a number of case histories that highlight the efficiency of its products...


Odour control case histories
Three odour control case histories


Clearing a blocked soakaway
Clearing a blocked soakaway using BIO-SYSTEMS DF60
Pit latrine case histories
Tried and tested ways to improving pit latrine problems
Saving septic tanks
How to solve septic tank mismanagement


A catering effluent problem solved
Solving blocked drains and odour problems at a restaurant
Effluent streams sorted
The best way to dispose of both liquid and solid wastes
Four oil spill cleanups
BIO-SYSTEMS microbes were used to clean up the following four sites
HSDG (Hard Surface Degreaser) saves the day!
BIO-SYSTEMS HSDG (Hard Surface Degreaser) is a blend of mineral salts in aqueous solution. It is very effective in encapsulating oils, fuel and odour
Industrial grease traps
A food factory on the outskirts of Cape Town that produces packet soups and frozen convenience meals was experiencing sewer blockages and bad odours in their dispatch yard
Mechancial wastes
Cleaning up mechanical waste at a car dealership
Spill-Sorb soaks up fuel oil spill
What happened when heavy furnace fuel was replaced with the more eco-friendly paraffin at a textile factory


Bacteria harnessed to solve wine farm pollution
With an increase in intensive farming, getting rid of smelly effluents has become a problem, even in the wine industry. A soil and irrigation expert discusses a new way to get rid of this waste
Biological treatment of agricultural effluents
BIO-SYSTEMS SA treats a mixture of agricultural effluents
Preventing duckweed, chlydophera and other algae
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