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Domestic effluent disposal at a glance

Getting it away from the house

Rural plumbing is similar to getting rid of wastewater in a municipal area except for one very important difference: the 'grey water' from the bath, shower and kitchen sink must be run separately from the 'black water' from the toilets.

Drip irrigation

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Typically a home is served by one septic tank, sometimes referred to as a 'bio-digestor', with its integral soakaway drain (also known as a leach field) that receives the black water.

The septic tank and soakaway system is a time-honoured one that originated in France in the 18th century (the reason it's often referred to as a French drain). It relies on natural bacterial processes for its successful operation. There is no external energy input and therefore no 'running cost'.

Best practice is to have a completely separate soakaway for grey water and another one for black water.

The reason being that while black water is toxic and must be discarded, grey water can be treated at home and made acceptable for re-use in your garden. See Re-use of grey water.

Managing domestic effluent

Grease traps are essential if you discharge to a septic tank.

Harsh chemicals such as caustic soda, sulphuric acid and bleach should never be poured down a drain, nor used to 'burn out' a blockage. Why? These products destroy the natural microbial flora in the sewers and will eventually cause blockages and odour.

Domestic sewage systems are trouble free and efficient when managed properly. Click on Septic tanks and soakaways and Pit latrines for comprehensive information on each one.

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