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How Bio-Systems SA helps food and beverage outlets such as restaurants, supermarkets, butcheries, bars, B&Bs etc.

How we help

  • Modification and additions to the existing drainage system, which are usually inadequate or under-sized for modern waste water
  • Supply and fitting of proper grease traps and floor drains. There are different sizes for different flow rates
  • Advice on the cleaning of drainage points
  • Protocol for in-kitchen management of solid waste bins and control of food wastes.
  • Prevention of odour
  • Management of effluent streams

We have to realize that modern food effluent is nasty stuff, and can be quite difficult to manage, unless it’s handled properly.

Over the years we’ve learned a great deal about drains in food preperation areas and have been able to help hundreds of customers with their ‘insuperable’ problems, and save them money into the bargain.


We offer three basic, non-toxic, internationally accredited products for the average busy kitchen and waste area:

  •  FogFree FF200 to degrade fats & oils and prevent odour in grease traps. Packaged as 9 small soluble pouches designed to last you for 2 months per under-sink interceptor
  • DrainFlow60, a whitish liquid applied in very small quantities three times a week to all drain outlet points, sinks 10ml/plug-hole; floor drains 20ml per drain, etc. where it degrades the fat grime that otherwise sticks to the pipe bores and snags solids which cause drain blockages
  • HSDG, Hard Surface Degreaser, stops waste bins smelling and keep the flies away. A non-toxic aqueous degreaser for food kitchens, a bluish liquid, applied in small quantities. Enjoy:
               Non-slip floors

               Clean paintwork

               Clean passageways

               Clean waste bins

               Less vermin [cockroaches & rats] and flies

               Ideal after shift mop-down for really clean floors

Used as directed, it’ll cost a busy medium kitchen [250 meals / day] about what you charge for a cappuccino and your effluent will comply with local bye-laws.

Rural lodges and fooderies

Please remember: If you’re on a septic or package plant system, our biological additives are essential to ensure the entire sewage system runs well and you don’t get bad odours, sewage overflows and end up with algae choked, green ponds.

Quick Help
To help you find a solution, information and advice, please complete our Diagnostic Form or visit our Quick Product Finder and Products Folder


Phone: +27 (0)21 786 1601
Mobile: +27 (0)82 907 0987
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