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Bio-Gas What is it ? How is it made ? What can be done with it ?


TSS/PPD [Total Sewage Solutions have been taken under the wing of Platinum Province Distributors [Bruce Johnson - in Zeerust], and they have been busy refining a Bio-Gas single house unit that has a keen following in India, the 'Sub Continent'. Bruce has to adapt the gas storage from a canvas expanding bladder to an hdpp plastic pressure tank, to comply with the local regulations in SA. These tanks are being 'roto' molded by a local firm with contacts in Natal, and should be ready for testing in about a week's time.

BioGas is generated by a slurry of waste products [animal/human sewage solids and kitchen/vegetable waste]. It takes about three weeks for the gas to 'mature' after which it is released harmlessly to the atmosphere. Then the real gas generation commences, and the 'plant' needs to be fed every day with +- 25lt dirty water and methanagenous solids to form a slurry.

We at PPD [Platinum Province Distributors] / TSS [Total Sewerage Solutions] are about to offer to South Africa an ‘old’ and ‘new’ source of energy [known about & used by the Chinese for hundreds of years !].  Bio-gas !! – made from waste and sewage

The generation of the Biogas system will be improved by a small amount of Bio-Systems’ product technology. So you have the best of both worlds !

Manure [any faecal material], kitchen waste and lawn clippings and 25lts of waste, cold wash water, can make you enough biogas to cook the supper for a family of five !  and provide lights to prepare, cook and eat it by !

In the Orient, they use a special type of expandable canvas bag. In order to conform with South African safety standards. We at PPD/TSS are developing a much better, rigid tank, which is now in production

Biogas is one of the most untapped sources of natural energy available. Although biogas is used all over the world (India for instance has more than 4.5 million digesters), biogas in South Africa is practically unknown. Only a very small number of digesters have successfully been built and commissioned to date here, in this country, both for small domestic, houses as well as larger multi-participant commercial installations.

 As a source of alternative, sustainable energy biogas fulfils the criteria relating to environmental sustainability and can be readily achieved by the rural dweller; and it is cost effective to implement.  – cheaper than fire wood

There is no input energy [electricity], and the process converts waste matter into natural gas; which can be burned for you to cook/heat/light with.

This remarkable innovation, utilizing man’s natural waste; that does not depend on the amount of sunshine or the weather !  it takes just 22 days [3 weeks] to set up, and it must be ‘fed’ with [fuel] on a daily basis. Simple; it saves a stack of wood !

It is so simple, and cheap, especially for rural districts......We will let you know as soon as the single house digestors are available..... Watch this space.

We’re working on a simple cost effective plant to help you

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