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Allied products: degreasers and absorbents


Degreasers are necessary to remove oil-related compounds from surfaces. Usually oil stains and residues left after the ‘mopping up’ of liquid FOG (e.g. diesel fuel filling points, grease trap casings, sewage suction pipes on vacuum tankers, blood on butchery cold room floors, wet paint stains, hydraulic oil smears around factory machinery, etc.).

We specify BIO-SYSTEMS Hard Surface Degreaser (HSDG), which is water-based and non-toxic. It is also a hydrocarbon (all FOG) encapsulant, and removes oil from the pollution equation. This means that the rinsate (dirty water after cleaning) can be released into storm drains and sewers without fear of contamination. Kitchen floors cleaned with HSDG become ‘non slip’.


All the ones we specify are absorbents: they suck the liquid contaminant into their fibre. This means that the surface upon which they have been used becomes clean and non slip. This is particularly important when men are on moving walkways – such as at sea when cleaning up bunker fuel spillages.

Other products (e.g. those based on plastics, sawdust etc.) are usually product specific and work by attracting their specified contaminant to the outside of their fibre; making them adsorbents.

We now have a broad-based absorbent - developed by an associated company - formulated with natural vegetable fibre, fungi and bacteria and is the best absorbent/bio-remediation product available.

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