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Allied products: AirMix Aeration Injectors

AirMix Aeration Injectors mix atmospheric air into (effluent) water.

Air is released into the water in micro fine bubbles that facilitate the uptake of dissolved oxygen (a constituent of the air) by microorganisms (latent or added), catalyzing their activity and overcoming what would otherwise be a semi or completely anaerobic aquatic environment – an environment conducive to the generation of pungent sulphide-smelling odour by anaerobic bacteria.

Aerobic bacteria generally degrade organic wastes faster than their anaerobic cousins, so the ‘clean up’ of dirty water is accelerated.

The vital part is a patented, non-metallic (but corrosion resistant) small injector, which is fitted onto the delivery side of the electric pump. These injectors are available in varying sizes, but must be matched to the pump for optimum performance. The quantity (litres) of air delivered decreases with the depth of discharge. AirMix aerators can be submersible (inside) tanks or in the lower clines of dams. They can also be surface mounted.

Pig slurry before aeration  Pig slurry before aeration

Pig slurry after aeration  Pig slurry after aeration


  1. The energy needed to drive an Injector is much less than required by conventional ‘thrash’ aerators, indicating savings of up to 75%. 
  2. AirMix units run virtually silently.
  3. Small units run on inexpensive pumps.
  4. We advise size of injector to match existing pump; or can recommend pump and injector to match the work to be done.
  5. AirMix aerators form the basis of a DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) Unit – used to accelerate the removal of emulsified FOG from effluent by the formation of a floating, removable scum crust.

 Close up of an AirMix Aerator  A portable AirMix Aerator

Note the Mazzei Injector (in dark blue) attached to a 0.37 kW submersible pump, delivering 60 litres of air per minute.

airmixbubbles.jpg  How the bubbles are added

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