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Rural catering effluent

What is rural catering effluent?

Essentially the pre-treatment of industrial and agricultural catering effluent (floor drains, grease traps etc.) are the same, both being the product of restaurants and establishments where food for re-sale is produced. The difference is in the final processing of the liquid waste:

  • Industrial

    In urban districts, most catering outlets are served by, and drain to, municipal sewage disposal systems. These are large with considerable volumes of grey water passing through them wherein high COD effluents, typical from restaurants and butcheries, become diluted. They are able to accommodate high ‘fat loads’ in the relatively small discharges produced by the food and beverage industry. Read more about Industrial catering effluent.

  • Agricultural

    Here the effluent ends up in a septic tank or small package plant, both of which are inadequate to cater with raw catering effluent. It is therefore essential for the owner to ensure that grease traps and interceptors are adequate for the task, and that the correct BIO-SYSTEMS COD-reducing additives are used. If not, the septic system will fail.

Managing rural catering effluent

BIO-SYSTEMS products used to treat rural catering effluent include:

  2. FogFree (FF)
  3. DrainFlow 60 (DF60)
  4. Dop-a-Day
  5. BIO-SYSTEMS L2120
  6. Hard Surface Degreaser (HSDG)

Click on the BIO-SYSTEMS Product table for a complete list of products. Also see our Catering effluent case history.

BS product used to clean up rural catering effluent

Rural catering waste clean up

For comprehensive information on how BIO-SYSTEMS can assist agricultural effluent disposal, click on Animal slurries, Crop processing wastes, Mechanical and chemical wastes, Rural sewage treatment, and Algae in ponds, lakes and dams.

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