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Crop processing waste

There are many types of agricultural and agri-industrial effluents, but they all need to be treated in approximately the same way. Naturally, there are variations - specific to the recovery and also the treatment - of particular contaminants, and these are frequently combined in deference to local legislation and the availability of operating space.

Essential considerations to be factored into the activity include:

  • Process design
  • Treatment agents
  • Skilled labour
  • Disposal sites for non-(readily)degradable extractants

Most agri-industrial wastes can be processed in the same way as those under Industrial Effluent Streams.

Managing crop processing waste

Some of BIO-SYSTEMS most frequently-used products:

Bulk powders…

  1. B220 and B220R - human and catering wastes, food and sewage COD
  2. B250 - dairy wastes
  3. B350 - fuels, mechanical lubricants, certain crop chemicals
  4. B560 - cannery and winery wastes
  5. B570 - timber pulp and paper wastes
  6. B504 - reduction of algae and turbidity in standing water
  7. B800 - animal slurries, manure and compost


  1. L2120 - food and sewage wastes in drain lines and interceptors
  2. L1800 - mechanical lubes and fuels
  3. Hard Surface Degreaser (HSDG) - removes mechanical grease and fuels on hard surfaces in harsh environments, animal pen floors (ammonia removal)

D.I.Y packs…

  1. Pit Latrine Reviver (PLR) - pit latrines and field toilets
  2. Septic Tank Reviver (STR) - septic tanks
  3. SAC - soakaways and leach fields
  4. FogFree - catering kitchen grease traps
  5. Drain Flow 60 (DF60) - catering kitchen grease traps and drains
  6. Grey Water Additive (GWA) - for waste wash water
  7. Clear Water - ornamental ponds and fish tanks

Very often there may be a 'problem' effluent that requires more than one of the above. If in doubt, please ask us first.

Note: Certain countries impose restrictions on the components of some of our products. For instance, Australasia does not allow our powder product entry on a 'bran' carrier in order to protect their local agricultural activities. As a result, we use a kelp carrier instead – slightly more expensive, but it meets the requirements.

Click on the BIO-SYSTEMS Product table for a complete list of products. Also see our Crop processing waste case history.

BS product used to clean up wine sugar  BS product used to clean up wine sugar

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