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About us

BIO-SYSTEMS SA offers scientific services and products for the biological treatment of effluent. We advise on the bioremediation of oil-contaminated soils, on the bioaugmentation of urban, industrial, agricultural and rural effluent streams, as well as the re-use of grey (waste wash) water.

Who we are…

BIO-SYSTEMS SA is a Cape Town based company committed to the health and sustainable wellbeing of the environment. Our team has over 25 years combined experience in biological effluent treatment and reflects a diverse background in engineering, wastewater management and pollution prevention.

Our methods are based on the use of innovative equipment and naturally-occurring microbes that are identified, selected and made commercially available by BIO-SYSTEMS Corporation Ltd (our parent company) under ISO 9001/2 certification. Our products are carefully packaged, safe to handle and easy to use and transport worldwide.

Table Mountain from harbour

What we do…

In response to the rise in liquid effluent problems, BIO-SYSTEMS has developed a range of microbial cultures and their application protocols that successfully redress the eco-imbalances caused by man’s modern lifestyle.

Our techniques are non-invasive compared with conventional methods – such as chemical disposal and dig-load-cart techniques – which waste energy, generate carbon emissions and impact adversely on the environment.

Our simple and safe solutions result in considerable cost savings and promote efficient corporate governance. Visit our Case histories to find out how.

FrogHow we do it…

Through ongoing scientific research in our state-of-the-art laboratories we’ve discovered that by harnessing the positive effects of microbes (bugs) we can safely remedy most modern day effluent problems without harming the environment. Click on How 'bugs' actually work for a detailed explanation of the simple biological processes involved.

As the world has become more sophisticated and demanding, the environment has had to pay the price. Go to Changes in modern effluent for more on why domestic and industrial waste is becoming increasingly difficult to biodegrade.

Our microbial blends and products are cost effective and far more efficient than commercially-available enzymes. Click on Enzymes vs microbes to find out why.

Quick Help
To help you find a solution, information and advice, please complete our Diagnostic Form or visit our Quick Product Finder and Products Folder


Phone: +27 (0)21 786 1601
Mobile: +27 (0)82 907 0987
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